Mind The Gap?

Mind the Gap?

I did. even though the tooth I lost was behind my smile, it spoiled my confidence in laughing and the experience of eating for me. I was not able to have a bridge, as the teeth on either side were weak, so an implant was my only option. Leaving a gap was not an option for me so I was really anxious for the x ray result which would show if an implant was viable and very pleased when it showed my bone was okay.

The surgery was surprisingly easy. Andrew is brilliant at giving anaesthetic and I barely felt the jabs. It all looked a bit dramatic as the room was very surgical looking; however, the procedure was no more difficult than a root filling.

After about an hour in treatment, I was on my way back to work. I took a couple of paracetamol about four hours after the procedure and two the following morning. My gum felt a little sore for about a week and that was it. A couple of weeks later and the implant felt as though it had always been there.

It took a couple more visits to measure up for the tooth to be fitted to the implant and have it fitted. When the tooth was finally in place for the first couple of days it felt strangely wooden and then it just normalised.

I am completely happy with the outcome. I have no gaps in my teeth and eating is lovely again and I don’t feel self conscious about laughing out loud.

I can wholeheartedly recommend having implant surgery with Andrew, you will not be disappointed with the experience or the outcome.